inspired by ideas

Since 1996 Strasser GmbH has stood for new ideas in the area of automation technology and machine design. Our guiding principle since the very beginning has been to offer our customers both economical solutions and innovative products that inspire them. The pioneer spirit of the company founder, Karl-Heinz Strasser, led to a unique product line that reflects itself in over 25 patents.

Today, Strasser offers comprehensive automation solutions from components to systems based on carbon and stainless steel modular profiles. The spectrum of products ranges from base profiles, to preassembled machine frames up to complete conveyor systems or handling units. Furthermore, with the MecLock® safety system, Strasser is a leader in the area of machine safety.

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1996 - Founding of Strasser Maschinenbau GmbH
1997 - Construction and production of complete automation systems with the main focus on the food and packaging industry
1998 - Development of the first groove based profile system in steel as an alternative to conventional aluminum profile solutions
2000 - Design of a complete automation product line based on steel profiles
2004 - Development of MecLock safety doors with purely mechanical contact bars
2005 - Development of a flexible connection system for standard tubing for building machine frames as an alternative to welded structures
2007 - Development of the first electric "Wash-Down" linear axis made of stainless steel with patented sealing system